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Narrative Councelor 

Rietjie van Blerk

Rietjie is happily married, has two daughters and a gorgeous grand daughter.

Rietjie has a great heart for people, which makes her believe in love and hope. Rietjie prefers to see people as people instead of as problems, particularly in the field of addiction recovery where the stigma associated with addiction often prevents people from seeking help.

Rietjie initiated the community based Outpatient Recovery Program for Clearview Clinic as an extension of residential addiction recovery treatment. Coram Deo, the Narrative Therapy Pastoral Centre in Pretoria graciously availed space for this essential program.

Rietjie with her daughter, Marna

Teaching and training

Giving a talk on the Simcha activities

Narrative Councelor 

Dr. Jo Viljoen

Dr. Jo is an energetic wife, mother, grandmother, biker , writer and basset hound lover.

She brings with her a life long dedication to healing, specializing in Clinical Psychiatric Nursing. The Narrative Approach to Therapy captured her interest and lead to a study that culminated in a PhD in Pastoral Narrative Therapy.

She developed the Narrative Therapy addiction recovery program for Clearview Clinic, and joins Rietjie on a part time basis, with stories of hope and joy at Simcha Outpatient Recovery Program. They share an enthusiasm for the alternative to problem saturated stories that dominate the stories of people struggling to free themselves from alcohol and drugs.

Dr. Jo, an avid biker 

Teaching and training

Dr. Jo with her daughter

Narrative Councelor 

Hannetjie Strauss

Hannetjie has lots of joy with her husband, 2 married children, and two pretty grandchildren.

Hannetjie and her husband love riding long distances with their bikes all over South Africa.
Due to her own journey, Hannetjie relized nothing is possible without having a special relationship with the Lord. Without His guidance nothing is possible to achieve.
She loved to listen to people’s stories. She was involved with the teenage group who struggled with addiction at CRC in Lyttelton with dr Sean Zeelie and Gert van Rens-burg. She did her training as a narrative pastoral therapist at Coram Deo, the Pastoral Narrative Therapy Centre in Pretoria.
Hannetjie started to be involved at Simcha Outpatient Recovery. After a while She started an alternative program, Simcha Family Care, for the family members of peo-ple whose lives are trapped in the grip of some kind of addiction. Their lives are also strangled into an overwhelming fearful life, sleepless nights and many more painful stories. With the program they start learning to recreate a joyful journey while at the same time their loved ones are busy changing the old to a new life story.

Hannetjie enjoying Israel

Hannetjie with Paul, her husband

Smiling and making the most out of life

Narrative Councelor 

Irma Reyneke

Irma is happily married with two children of which her daughter is 22 and her son 16 years of age.

She enjoys reading, camping, baking and “kuier” with her family and friends.
Irma started studying in pastoral narrative therapy 2014 at Coram Deo, the pastoral narrative therapy centre in Pretoria, because she loves listening to peoples stories.
Since she started studying she never stopped believing in the process of narrative therapy.

In 2018 she started being involved with Simcha Outpatient Recovery Group, specifically the Family Care Program, where she helps and supports the family members of people whose lives are trapped in the grip of some kind of addiction.
These family members have their own very painful stories of seeing and worrying about their loved ones struggling with recovering of addiction.
She is also involved with the people in recovery at Simcha by doing one on one sessions with individuals in recovery and participating in the group sessions.

Irma as part of the Simcha family

Irma with her husband

Enjoying the beach on holiday



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