“I have been attending the Simcha Recovery for more than a year following my discharge from rehab. I find the group work extremely supportive. I have enjoyed the narrative approach so much that I enrolled in the basic course in narrative counselling in 2014. ”

“My family are slowly learning to trust me again. They are starting to understand that I am not the Problem, but that Alcohol is the problem that very nearly ruined my life. I am able to work again and I am starting to believe in myself again. I have broken my relationship with Booze and for the first time in years I feel free.”

“I was hooked on heroin for ten years. I often wanted to stop; it’s no life to live. I went to many rehabs, only to relapse when I completed the program. I joined Simcha Recovery as it is after hours, affordable and conveniently situated. I manage my studies and my recovery now. This time I’m doing it for me.”

“I never thought I’d find myself in rehab but CAT made sure of it. I started realizing that I had to use every day. I’d lost control. After completing my program at Clearview Clinic it was a natural progression to join Simcha Revovery. Every day is not easy but the group and therapists are always there to support me.”

“After the sudden death of my husband I found myself drinking more and more sleeping tablets to go to sleep. I only started grieving in rehab and here at Simcha I am able to reformulate my identity as a worthwhile woman who lost her husband too early; but who can cope with all those confusing emotions. The group is very supportive and compassionate. ”