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Simcha Recovery

 Simcha recovery community-based program, recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, Family care, domestic violence, sex addiction and betrayal trauma, trauma recovery-related to crime.

“Simcha means a joyful celebration of unique outcomes; a resistance strategy to problem stories.”

We love sunflowers because they hold their faces to the sun and at darker times, they turn to each other.


Breaking free from addiction

The Simcha Recovery program embraces the radically new way of addressing substance use dilemmas.

The approach is different in the sense that, through the concept of narrative therapy, we focus on deconstructing the problem of addiction in a way quite different from the mainstream way of working.

Great emphasis is placed on separating the person from the problem, differentiating between the identity of the individual, and the behavior and nature of the problem of addiction.
We disregard the identity of “the alcoholic” and “the drug addict”, and instead help the individual discover a new identity,

whereby addressing the problem in all its facets, whether it be social, cultural, biological or psychological.

We believe that connection is a vital part of the recovery process, helping those who struggle with addiction to view the problem in a new light, (effectively deconstructing the problem,) and thereby make it easier to create alternative behavior patterns.
The therapeutic conversations within the groups then, enables the person to create new avenues of creating a life and culture, free from the problem of addiction.

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How will you benefit?

At Simcha Recovery, we help people to use a wide set of practical methods and skills that enables them to overcome the challenges they are facing and live a life free from the problem of addiction. 

Individual therapy

Individual sessions are often times a crucial part of the recovery process. Other elements such as trauma, an experience of physical or emotional abuse, certain fears and marriage problems can be integrated with the problem of addiction, and needs to be discussed on a one to one basis.

Simcha Groups

Group therapy remains one of the most important and most efficient ways of dealing with the problem of addiction. The atmosphere in the groups is non-threatening, and we use a language which aims at building up each individual, within a save and secure environment.

Family support

The problem of addiction effects more than only the person involved. We therefor provide support groups for family members, friends and those in the immediate circles and help them have a better understanding of the problem and the process of recovery.

We would like to help 

Who might benefit?


People struggling to break free from alcohol


People who are in the clutches of harmful substances but cannot attend residential programs


People who require out of clinic support after discharge from residential rehabilitation clinics


People who who experience betrayal trauma and/or domestic violence


People who who struggle with process addictions, such as gambling, pornography, and digital addiction


People who who struggle with eating disorders

Why Simcha 

The Narrative approach

The narrative approach creates space where clients can renegotiate their relationships with the problem. It provides relief and a course of action to take whilst reducing guilt and blame and at the same time leave room for responsibility.

Free assessment before joining the program.

To ensure that everyone is on the same page, we first establish the needs of each individual, then explain the concept and principles of how we work, and what the expectations can be. 

Community recovery support Professional therapists in group context.

Our therapists are trained as Narrative coaches to work in both group, couple and individual therapy sessions. 

Affordable and accessible help Group therapy.

Apart from keeping the groups affordable, do we go to great lengths to ensure that all members are only a text away from reaching out when necessary.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

My family is slowly learning to trust me again. They are starting to understand that I am not the Problem, but that Alcohol is the problem that very nearly ruined my life. I am able to work again and I am starting to believe in myself again. I have broken my relationship with Booze and for the first time in years, I feel free.

I have been attending the Simcha Recovery for more than a year following my discharge from rehab. I find the group work extremely supportive. I have enjoyed the narrative approach so much that I enrolled in the basic course in narrative counselling in 2014.

I was hooked on heroin for ten years. I often wanted to stop; it’s no life to live. I went to many rehabs, only to relapse when I completed the program. I joined Simcha Recovery as it is after hours, affordable and conveniently situated. I manage my studies and my recovery now. This time I’m doing it for me.

I never thought I’d find myself in rehab but CAT made sure of it. I started realizing that I had to use every day. I’d lost control. After completing my program at Clearview Clinic it was a natural progression to join Simcha Revovery. Every day is not easy but the group and therapists are always there to support me.

After the sudden death of my husband I found myself drinking more and more sleeping tablets to go to sleep. I only started grieving in rehab and here at Simcha I am able to reformulate my identity as a worthwhile woman who lost her husband too early; but who can cope with all those confusing emotions. The group is very supportive and compassionate.

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About us

Simcha Recovery is a dynamic drug and alcohol non residential program based on Narrative Approaches. Addiction and alcohol dependence are life threatening conditions. Narrative Approaches is a radical philosophy that joins with the clients in their battle for add drug to alcohol addiction.

Where and When

Monday,  and Thursday evenings from 17h00-19h00
Wednesday mornings from 10h00-11h00

Coram Deo Centre
c/o Lea and Hugo streets, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, South Africa

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