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A community-based program

Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, sex addiction, betrayal trauma and trauma recovery related to crime.

Individual Therapy
Therapy Groups
Narrative Therapy

Breaking free from addiction

Our approach is different in the sense that, through the concept of narrative therapy, we focus on deconstructing the problem of addiction in a way quite different from the mainstream way of working.

Seperating the person from the problem

Great emphasis is placed on separating the person from the problem, differentiating between the identity of the individual and the behaviour and nature of the problem of addiction.


We disregard the identity of “the alcoholic” and “the drug addict”, and instead, help the individual discover a new identity, whereby addressing the problem in all its facets, whether it be social, cultural, biological or psychological.


We believe that connection is a vital part of the recovery process, helping those who struggle with addiction to view the problem in a new light (effectively deconstructing the problem) and making it easier to create alternative behaviour patterns. The therapeutic conversations within the groups then enable the person to develop new avenues of creating a life and culture free from the problem of addiction.