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Simcha Recovery

NPC 2019/32316/08

A Community Based Program


Services we offer

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are a crucial part of the recovery process.

Book an individual session withone of our Narrative Therapists.

Group Therapy

Accessible and affordable therapeutic conversations, creating a life and culture free from the problem of addiction.

Family Support

With therapeutic conversations

it is possible to create a life and culture free from the problem of addiction.

How You Can Help

As a Non-profit Organisation, we provide ongoing support,

treatment and help people get back on their feet.


For people who:

are struggling to break free from alcohol

require out of clinic support after discharge from residential rehabilitation clinics

want to break free from the clutches of harmful substances but cannot attend residential programs

experience betrayal trauma and/or domestic violence

struggle with process addictions such as gambling, pornography, and digital addiction

struggle with eating disorders

Our Vision and Mission

To assist individuals, families, and communities from all walks of life achieve freedom from substance, alcohol and process addictions and other harmful behaviour patterns.

To facilitate healing and support for people in communities nationwide to re-enter productive and fulfilling home and work context without isolation. Bringing relief and restore dignity to people living with addiction and substance abuse. To train and equip facilitators to provide recovering services to all. Demonstrate commitment to excellence and provide equitable services to all those affected by addiction through ongoing research and evaluation of all our programs, processes and services.


The Narrative Approach

The narrative approach creates space where clients can renegotiate their relationships with the problem. It provides relief and a course of action to take whilst reducing guilt and blame and leaving room for responsibility.

Seperating the person's identity from the problem

Speaking differently about problems

Reducing guilt and shame

Leaving room for responsibility

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With your contribution, you can give someone, whether it be a child, parent, sibling, or friend a chance at a better outcome.

Simcha Recovery NPC not only provides ongoing support and treatment to people, we also help them get back on their feet.


I was hooked on heroin for ten years. I often wanted to stop; it’s no life to live. I went to many rehabs, only to relapse when I completed the program. I joined Simcha Recovery as it is after hours, affordable and conveniently situated. I manage my studies and my recovery now. This time I’m doing it for me.



I am on a natural high and living again. I will never look back.

I plan, I executive and I keep boundaries in place. I don't listen to voices in my head.

I am the voice. I have learned so much about myself in the past 5 years.

A testimony from a Simcha veteran


The Clients speak: The problem makes you think more of yourself than you ought to...

the groups counsel and therapy together with the group members that are also trying their best to make it...

tends to humble you by having respect and realizing how fragile every person is in the face of the problem of addiction. 

It keeps you grounded....



Divorce as a consequence of addiction comes as a big shock and loss.

That is what addiction does; it robs you and steals from you...and kicks you in the stomach and it laughs at you with so much satisfaction...

but if you stand up then you'll realise that this problem of addiction that made you lose something special and tried to destroy everything...

is actually an insignificant little bald headed creature with ugly kick this addiction in the teeth...kick it out...

just walk away and follow your path of discovery and recovery...don't give is much like a rollercoaster, you are just at the bottom for the car to stop for some people to get off and others to climb in...

so you're heading for the top now...slowly but surely...hang in there.



My family is slowly learning to trust me again. They are starting to understand that I am not the Problem, but that Alcohol is the problem that very nearly ruined my life. I am able to work again and I am starting to believe in myself again. I have broken my relationship with Booze and for the first time in years, I feel free.