At Simcha we focus on recovery from alcohol, drugs, medication, sex, and love addiction, gambling, digital addiction, problem eating and other harmful patterns of behaviour.

About Simcha Recovery

“Simcha has provided me with a safe space where I can overcome the problems in my life, supported by my community of concern.”

We Offer

Free assessment before joining program.

Community recovery support Professional therapists in group context.

Affordable and accessible help Group therapy.


When and where:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 17h00-19h00

Coram Deo Centre

c/o Lea and Hugo streets, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria


“We expose the immorality of the problems that bring people to Simcha. Whether it is addiction, anorexia, problematic relationships with self and others, together we journey towards a persons prefered way of living life. Simcha provides a sacred space where people can rediscover their values, talents and strenghts and can take life on, on their own terms.”

Dr. Jo Viljoen

Our team 

Rietjie van Blerk

Narrative Counselor

Rietjie is happily married, has two daughters and a gorgeous grand daughter.

Rietjie has a great heart for people, which makes her believe in love and hope. Rietjie prefers to see people as people instead of as problems, particularly in the field of addiction recovery where the stigma associated with addiction often prevents people from seeking help.

Rietjie initiated the community based Outpatient Recovery Program for Clearview Clinic as an extension of residential addiction recovery treatment. Coram Deo, the Narrative Therapy Pastoral Centre in Pretoria graciously availed space for this essential program.

Dr. Jo Viljoen

Narrative Therapist

Dr. Jo is an energetic wife, mother, grandmother, biker , writer and basset hound lover. She brings with her a life long dedication to healing, specializing in Clinical Psychiatric Nursing. The Narrative Approach to Therapy captured her interest and lead to a study that culminated in a PhD in Pastoral Narrative Therapy.

She developed the Narrative Therapy addiction recovery program for Clearview Clinic, and joins Rietjie on a part time basis, with stories of hope and joy at Simcha Outpatient Recovery Program. They share an enthusiasm for the alternative to problem saturated stories that dominate the stories of people struggling to free themselves from alcohol and drugs.

Hannetjie Strauss

Narrative Therapist

Hannetjie Strauss is an experienced narrative counsellor tasked with facilitating the family care component of Simcha Recovery. 

Not only is she enthusiastically skilled, she also participates in this program with the same love and compassion and sustained determination that is characteristic of all aspects of her life. 

Hannetjie also attends to folks who are incarcerated for drug trafficking locally and as far as Bangkok. She provides practical and spiritual support for the families who are left behind in South Africa. She truly goes where angels fear to tread.

Further more, she is an avid motorcyclist, enjoying the peace and adventure of the open road; she is a dedicated wife to Paul, and an extraordinary mother and granny.

Hannetjie complements the Simcha team with her tenacity, faith and optimism that there is always hope no matter how dark a situation may seem.