The Process

The Process of Recovery

Abstinence and sobriety are necessary conditions for recovery, but not everyone who is abstinent is in recovery. Recovery invites you to make lifestyle changes and create new patterns of living and relationships.

ABSTINENCE or SOBRIETY: No use of any substance of abuse

RECOVERY: A lifelong process of changes from a lifestyle imposed on you by drugs and/or alcohol to a lifestyle of your own choosing, without the interference of drugs and/or alchohol.

Some phases to recovery


This stage typically lasts for the first few months of recovery

You are becoming physically clean
Getting through withdrawal
Regaining physical and emotional balance
Regaining hope
Exhilaration and happiness, feeling giddy with joy
Enthusiasm and determination
Let down and fear
Needing connection with others
Loneliness and boredom
Cravings, urges to use again
Questions about spirituality and God


During this period you are literally putting one foot in front of the other, making changes to your life.

Strengthen new patterns you established in early recovery and settling in in your new lifestyle
You are less fearful and feel your strength, determination and courage is growing
Overconfidence is common and can be a pitfall
You become aware of addictive behaviours in other parts of your life
Your physical health continues to improve
Moods and relationships become more stable


This is a period of maintenance and growth where you

Continue with meetings
There is a greater focus on helping others
Tackling new problems and upcoming issues
Simcha Recovery is the perfect place to start and continue with your recovery, whether you have just been released from residential care, or whether you are willing to work on a community based program. You can join us at any time in your recovery.



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