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healthy living practices that blend mindful eating, intuitive eating, and practising listening to our bodies.

We challenge social discourses

The Western beauty culture has convinced people that they are not good enough: too fat, too thin, too unacceptable, people who hide their self-hatred behind their masked smiles.

Agere is for men and women

Agere espouses Narrative Approaches to Intuitive Eating, where men and woman meet in person and on zoom once a week to reauthor their relationships to their bodies.

Learn to love your body

Agere resists the culturally accepted ideas of thinness ad beauty and encourages members to love and care for their bodies, to love the physical body they have without measuring and weighing, comparison and competition: no special diets and no fads.

Agere, a group project

Agere is an exceptional group project initiated by Barnie Beyers, who sadly succumbed to Covid-19. Barnie struggled with his bodyweight all his life, but when he started studying narrative therapy, he found a way to be in charge of his body.

Together we are strong, beautiful, happy and well.

We care for one another. We meet once a week on a Wednesday afternoon. A Simcha counsellor or therapist facilitates every group.

Agere embraces healthy living practices

that blend mindful eating, intüitive eating, and practising listening to our bodies- to name a few. In a sense, we craft harmony between our relationship with food and our relationship with self. This journey is one of (self)discovery.

When and Where?

Online via Zoom,

Wednesdays at 17h00

Join Us

Contact one of our Narrative Counsellors below for more information

Local and International Members are Welcome!

We invite new local and international members to join this powerful growing narrative therapy group.